Ask the Orphaner Dualscar
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Sail your sea,
meet your storm,
all I want is to be your harbor.

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Commissions are open!

I will only accept payment through paypal, and I don’t cover the paypal fee. I will draw fanart, fan-characters and original characters. I have no issue with being asked to do a design for OCs or fancharacters so long as I get plenty of information to go of.

If you are interested in commissioning me please contact me at

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AA: which means we can answer some of your questions! 0u0

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Hey, this is a question for the mun; are you okay with people cosplaying your designs? Because I absolutely love your trickster design for Dualscar and would love to cosplay it after I finish my canon Dualscar.

((I am totally ok with people cosplaying my designs! In fact, if you do I will be very flattered, and I will want to see pictures so I can swoon over it owo))

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after some out of season earth human spring cleaning and a bit of a makeovwer (you don’t havwe to contain your enthousiasm, im sure i can take it) it is time to get this thing off the ground again, so please send me some fresh asks to vwork vwith,

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It’s not actually done, but I’ve been fiddling with it long enough now that I’m gonna call it done anyhow, because the scars and the earfins were the only point to this image anyhow.

fullview please!

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((You’ve probably noticed that I haven’t been the most active for a while now, and I feel I have now reached the point where I officially need to take a bit of a break from askblog stuff. I am still working on one thing, and I might still draw some answers if inspiration strikes, but for the moment I don’t think activity here will be picking up quite yet.

I am not done with this askblog, and I am definitely not quitting, but there are some things that have been playing that have been giving me a fair deal of grief lately and I feel I ought to grant myself a little space to let things even out a bit again.

That said, feel free to send in any questions you have still, because fresh questions are the best source of inspiration and I appreciate almost all of them. Except for you, explicit noncon daddy kink signless anon. You kind of grossed me out. Don’t do that. Don’t send rape prompts to people whose personal history you don’t know. That’s creepy and rude.

Thank you all for being patient with me


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Yes, your attempts at communication havve been receivved. Yes, all tvventy-fivve or so.

You can stop novv.

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